Introducing Stamp

Production analytics for live events

Record, take notes, gain insights and turn your ideas into
world class productions.

Fully featured 14-day free trial. Stamp Requires
macOS Sierra (10.13) or newer.

An illustration of Shakespeare's Hamlet being Stamped


Pre, Present and Post-Production

Stamp X, Y or Z at any point on multiple timelines. Create cue sheets in rehearsals. Analyse scene changes during the tech. Document the show after press night — with Stamp each file is a separate timeline and they work for you at any point in the production.


Capture ideas and insights from all of the production team.


Learn what everything is doing and when they are doing it.


Never lose track of your notes with a visual reference.


Bring ideas and data together

Collect events from any platform using our library of integrations and view them inline with your teams notes and recorded video.

Step 1

Connect Stamp to all your creative tools.

Step 2

Point a camera at the stage and record.

Step 3

Run the show and make notes.


An interface that keeps the spotlight on your production

Within the clean and simplified interface of Stamp lies a powerful collection of features.

Ready to get started with Stamp?

Turn your ideas into world class productions
with a 14 day trial.