Keyboard Shortcuts


We know keyboard shortcuts help get things done faster. Here’s a handy list of the shortcuts currently supported by Stamp.



Command Palette - Shift P

Search - Option J

Find - F


Find Playback - Shift F

Find Targeted Stamp - Option F

Find Selected Stamp - Shift Option F

Stamp Creation

New Flag Stamp - Ctrl F

New Cue Stamp - Ctrl Q

New Note Stamp - Ctrl Space

Command Palette

Reset Time - Ctrl R

Set to Session - Ctrl Option S

Set to Flag - Ctrl Option F

Set to Cue - Ctrl Option Q

Set to Note - Ctrl Option Space


To Created Time - Ctrl C

To Current Media Time - Ctrl M

To Time... - Ctrl T

Adjust Stamp Time Backward (Seconds) - Ctrl

Adjust Stamp Time Forward (Seconds) - Ctrl

Adjust Stamp Time Backward (Frames) - Option

Adjust Stamp Time Forward (Frames) - Option


Connect All Connections - Shift C

Disconnect All Connections - Shift D


Toggle Recording - R

Play -

Rewind -

Fast Forward -


Leading - Ctrl Shift L

Backtrack - Ctrl Shift B

Follow Along - Ctrl Shift F

Playhead Selection - Ctrl Shift P

Media Timestamp - Shift T


Toggle Live/Preview Mode - Shift L

Show/Hide Media - Shift M

Show/Hide Media Inspector - Shift I

Show Connections Inspector - Option 1

Show Team Inspector - Option 2

Show Categories Inspector - Option 3

Show/Hide Inspectors - Option 0