Stamp is designed to help you create rich designs by understanding the intricate details of a live production. To give you an idea of the possibilities, the overall process of logging a live production or analysing a recorded production with Stamp is described below.

Connect everything up

The first step to logging a production, is to open Stamp, select a video camera to record from and connect Stamp with as many devices and applications that are being used to create your production as possible. In Stamp, you can log events from all kinds of things, using well known industry standard protocols and bespoke connections tailored specifically for the live event industry.

Start recording and make notes

About to run a complicated scene change or run a rehearsal performance, document the important events that occur throughout by hitting record. With stamp, you can make notes inline with the recording. Each note is stamped onto the same timeline as the recorded media, giving you a clear context for where your note sits within the production and its relationship with the surrounding logged events.

Analyse the logged events

Analysing a recorded production is simple. Navigating the timeline can done by either the medias scrub bar or clicking on a Stamp. The timelines playhead shows the stamp that was last received at the current point in the media and presents both the time interval and follow on time for each stamp giving you a clear indication of what happened and when.